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Pats Himalayan Cats
Pats Cats
        Beautiful Seal Points & Blues.   Sweet personality!  
                                    call   Pat now  and 
                       she can send you current pictures.
Pat has bred Himalayan’s for over 20 years. Her cats are very well known, beautiful, and she has had many people who have come back for a 2nd and 3rd kittens.  Her cats range in all colors, are of the highest quality, hand raised and even have there own play room in her home.  

                          Pat's Cats are CFA Registered with 
                  Cat  Fancier's  Association  and  guaranteed. 

                       Contact:          Pat McAninch
                                          South of Lexington, KY

                                             MUST call on the Phone:     
                                   No  e-mail  address

 Lilac Point   
 Chocolate Point   
   The following are some of Pat's Cats
Kittens  coming  soon.