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                     Maine  Coon  kittens                   September 2017
This page is updated as often as possible, so please keep checking back.  
Here are some Maine Coon baby pictures from previous litters for your viewing pleasure.  :)
                                If you see MY TWINS!  

I am embarrassed and very saddened to say that I trusted Sid Yost with Amazing Animal Productions in CA & Tracy Oliver with Top Dog Talent Agency in LA over 3 years ago with my once in a lifetime Twin Girl Maine Coon Kittens. Both of these con artists convinced me that twins were necessary to do movies. The kittens were flown to Louisiana. 
Sid & Tracy lied to me about promoting the girls in order to get them work   in the movie & commercial industry. They never even took professional pictures, never put them on either of their websites. They promised to send me  pictures and only did so after I repeatedly and sternly requested them, plus they never sent even one payment towards the kitten’s purchase, like they agreed to do in a signed contract. 
I was recently called by a nice man in Missouri who saw my girls on Craig’s List of all places!!  He said he was told that the girls had not been spayed and he hoped to breed them, breaching my contract again! After we spoke, he told 'some man' that had them that he was no longer interested and now I have lost track of them.  I have contacted an attorneys in Louisiana that looked over the documentation I have & said it would be worth pursuing but expensive and now am calling attorneys in California where I was told the girls lived last, but at this point, I do not know where the girls are.  I am heartbroken knowing they could be anywhere. This  keeps me up at night worrying about them.  How can these people be so heartless, especially when they work with Animals!
If anyone sees these 2 girls online, hopefully still with my CFA Registration papers, please get as much information as you can and PLEASE call me.

For FUN.....check out our video!
YouTube.com: Kellys Maine Coon Kittens - Heads Bobbin'
(copy this link into your browser and see the cutest video)  
**Due to this breed maturing much slower than other breeds, (not even getting their full growth until they are 4 years old) it is not recommended placing the kittens until they are 14 to 16 weeks old. This allows them to stay with their mother longer, feeding on mother’s milk building their immune system & becoming more confident in a secure feeling environment, in turn making even better pets!
We have several people on the list for this next litter which will be ready to place the first week of November.  It looks like all the boys are spoken for, but things can change. It also looks like we may  have a sweet female left in Hope & Sunny's litter.   No pictures yet.
Please call or email if you are interested in being on the list. 

Kellys Kittens
This is the best picture of the 2 girls together, that was ever sent to me    and that was over a year ago...

   My heart is just breaking!