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Maine Coon Kittens!
Here are some Maine Coon baby pictures from previous litters for your viewing pleasure.  :)
                                   For FUN.....check out our video!
           YouTube.com: Kellys Maine Coon Kittens - Heads Bobbin'
           (copy this link into your browser and see the cutest video)  
**Due to this breed maturing much slower than other breeds, (not even getting their full growth until they are 4 years old) it is not recommended placing the kittens until they are 13 to 15 weeks old. This allows them to stay with their mother longer, feeding on mother’s milk building their immune system & becoming more confident in a secure feeling environment, in turn making even better pets!  I let them tell me at 12weeks.
Kellys Kittens
            These kittens are available as Pets.  Therefore, they will need to be 
                  spayed or neutered, but not until they are 8 to 9 months old. 
        After your kitten is spayed or neutered,  your CFA Registration papers 
            will be mailed to you.... only after we have received ‘Proof of Alter’. 
Please visit our  Kellyskittens Facebook page  for videos of previous kittens.

   Our next litter, hopefully, will be here in March 
   and babies will be ready to fly the coop in May.

   Kittens are not shown until they are around 8 weeks old
 because they change so much weekly.  
 (8 weeks is normally when the deposit process starts).

If you are interested, please email or call.  See Contact page.
If you send an email, I can copy & paste all the information into your email.